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ROUNDTABLE OF THE CAR PARTNERS June 2011 | Imprimer |  Envoyer

Round Table Agenda ;        Practical information

Concept Note


1. The Donors Roundtable for the Development of the Central African Republic, which will be organized by Central African Government in June 2011, operates in a favorable context for the strengthening and consolidation of the relationships between the CAR and its major partners. Indeed, the Central African Republic has just completed at the end of 2010, the implementation of the first generation of its Poverty Reduction Strategy Document (PRSP) which covered the period from 2008 to 2010. The independent evaluation of this strategy, conducted in May 2010, brings up its main conclusions / recommendations on strengthening mutual confidence, dialogue and consensus with partners through the organization of regular meetings and continuous exchange of information and experiences.


2. During the September 2010’s United General Assembly in New York, the MDG Summit has been organized as a fringe event and the Commission for Consolidation of Peace at the UN and World Bank jointly took this opportunity to organize a high-level meeting on theme "Meeting the Challenges of Development and Peace Building in Central African Republic." The President of Central African Republic, the Secretary General of the UN, the Vice-President of the World Bank and senior representatives of other development partners[1] attended the event.


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